Peter Ingwersen

Professor Emeritus, D. Ph., h.c.

■ Royal School of Library and Information Science,
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Adjunct Professor
■ Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark
■ Åbo University Academy, Turku, Finland

Information Retrieval Interaction, Taylor Graham, London, 1992
Scientometric Indicators and Webometrics—and the Polyrepresentation Principle in IR, ESS ESS Publications, Bangalore, 2012

of the rslis & the issi

In 2010 the Royal School of Library and Information (RSLIS) and the International Society of Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI) compiled “a festschrift in honour of Peter Ingwersen” on the occasion of his retirement.

In addition to the 3 editors no less than 49 authors dedicated an article to Peter and a further 36 congratulated him on the last page.


Here are the editors' words on the occasion of publishing it in print and online on the ISSI website:

“With this Festschrift we wish to honour Professor Peter Ingwersen on his retirement from the Royal School of Library and Information (RSLIS) and concomitant appointment as the first Professor Emeritus at the Royal School in summer 2010.

The Festschrift has been published and printed by the RSLIS and is made available here for the general public in a slightly extended electronic version under the auspices of ISSI.”

Birger Larsen, Jesper W. Schneider, Fredrik Åström


The fulltext festschrift can be downloaded from here:

  The Janus Faced Scholar. A Festschrift in Honour of Peter Ingwersen.
Edited by Birger Larsen, Jesper W. Schneider and Fredrik Åström.
Special volume of the e-zine of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics vol. 06-S June 2010.
12.1 MB 


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