Peter Ingwersen

Professor Emeritus, D. Ph., h.c.

■ Royal School of Library and Information Science,
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Adjunct Professor
■ Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark
■ Åbo University Academy, Turku, Finland

Information Retrieval Interaction, Taylor Graham, London, 1992
Scientometric Indicators and Webometrics—and the Polyrepresentation Principle in IR, ESS ESS Publications, Bangalore, 2012



honoris causæ

I have been honored by the degree Dr. Ph., Honoris Causa in 2010 by the Information Science Faculty of University of Tampere, in 2014 the degree of Dr. Pol. Sc., Honoris Causa by Åbo Akademi University, both in Finland, and in 2015 the degree of Dr., Honoris Causa by the University Carlos III Madrid, Spain.


Honoris Causa ceremony of Peter Ingwersen
at the University of Tampere


Honoris Causa ceremony of Peter Ingwersen
at the University Carlos III Madrid


Honoris Causa ceremony of Peter Ingwersen
at the Åbo Akademi University

research awards

2016 ASIS&T Award of Merit in recognition of his contributions to
Information Science and his international mentorship over four decades
2015   Tony Kent Strix Award
in recognition of his major and sustained contributions to the field of information retrieval
2009   ASIST LA Chapter CISTA Award
for continuos Contributions to Information Science and Technology
2007   ASIST Outstanding Teacher Award
for his international syllabus innovations and teaching skills in Information Science
2005   Derek de Solla Price Medal
for his research in Scientometrics and Webometrics
2005   Thomson Award of excellence in Denmark
being the internationally most highly cited Danish researcher in the social sciences
2003   ASIST Research Award
for his work on cognitive perspectives of Information Retrieval
1994   ASIS, New Jersey Chapter
Distinguish Lectureship Award
1993   Jason Farradane Award (UK)
for his contributions to Information Science

specially invited lectures

2010 Searada Ranganathan Endowment Lectures, December 2010,
National Centre for Science Information, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
2009   Lazarow Memorial Lecture,
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Sponsored by Thomson-Reuters & Eugene Garfield Foundation
2002   Lazarow Memorial Lecture,
The Information school, University of Washington, Seattle, USA, sponsored by Thomson-Scientific
1992   Anne V. Marinelli Lecture Series,
Texas Woman's University, Denton, USA
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