Peter Ingwersen

Professor Emeritus, D. Ph., h.c.

■ Royal School of Library and Information Science,
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Adjunct Professor
■ Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark
■ Åbo University Academy, Turku, Finland

Information Retrieval Interaction, Taylor Graham, London, 1992
Scientometric Indicators and Webometrics—and the Polyrepresentation Principle in IR, ESS ESS Publications, Bangalore, 2012

song videos

die ehre gottes der natur

Ludwig van Bethoven, Opus 48; 4 - 1803.
Text: Christian Fürchtegott Gellert, 1757.
Vocal: Peter Ingwersen (bass-baritone)

o sole mio

Neapoletan folk song
Music: Eduardo di Capua
Text: Giovanni Capurro, 1898
Vocal: Peter Ingwersen (bass-baritone)

vem kan segla

Anonymous. Folk song from Åland, 1909
Piano: Henrik Thunblad
Vocal: Peter Ingwersen (bass-baritone)

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